Monday, October 15, 2012

on the other hand...

It's no secret how much I love my alone time. And I mean I l-o-v-e it. And this past weekend was no exception. I was by myself for the entire weekend while my family went away and I stayed behind. Les wanted to go hunting 3 hours north at his sister's place...and the girls really wanted to spend time with their Aunt & Uncle. I had a commitment in church on Saturday evening, which is why I stayed behind.

I was certainly not disappointed that I had a reason to be home alone - especially considering that I missed out on both of my annual kid-and-hubby-free weekends this past year. For one, my annual spring shopping trip to the US didn't happen and secondly, I chose (for whatever crazy reason!) to join my family on their annual father/daughter camping weekend this summer...making it a family camping weekend instead.

So yes, I was rather looking forward to gaining a weekend to savour all to myself. To do with whatever I pleased.

And I did savour it. And I did do whatever I pleased.

And on the one was fabulous to have the remote control to myself in the evenings to watch whatever I jolly well pleased.

But on the other hand...I missed having someone to laugh together with at the funny parts.

On the one was great not having anyone to cook for.

But on the other hand...I got a little tired of cheese toast and pizza pops.

On the one was great enjoying the church Thanksgiving dinner and program without having to worry about anyone other than myself.

But on the other hand...I felt lonely and just a little bit lost without them there with me.

On the one was nice to not have to be the one dealing with a sick-at-night little girl.

But on the other was more than a little heart-breaking to hear about it afterwards and to know that she was crying for me, just wanting her Mommy.

On the one was completely amazing to have such solid sleeps with no hallway bathroom light needing to be left on, nobody sleep-talking-yelling or sleep-walking, and nobody snoring or hogging the bed (or getting sick, apparently).

But on the other hand...there was nobody to give morning hugs to when I woke up.

This weekend was no different than my many other ones I've experienced alone over the past several years. There are always pros and there are always cons. I think it's good - and refreshing - to have some abundant alone time from time to time. To get a break from the sometimes overwhelming tasks of being a wife and mother. To get to put aside everything else and just focus on ME for a couple of days.

But on the other hand...there's nothing quite like being all back together again. And I hope it's also no secret how much I love my family. And I mean I l-o-v-e them!

Picture taken by Angela Kroeker Photography

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