Sunday, October 28, 2012

Q&A ~ Part VI

I'm finally getting back in the game in continuing to answer the questions that were all asked of me in my 950th post/giveaway WAY back in August of 2011!!

The questions that are up this time will cover what made me always want daughters, the career path I see my girls taking and my dream job.

Jamie (private blogger) asked the question: Can you pinpoint what made you always want just daughters? I used to always say I would be happy with just boys, but oddly enough never wanted just girls. And I can't really answer why. Wondering if everyone with such preferences is as lost as me as to why they have them! 

Frst, I have to say for the record: I would have LOVED having a son. In fact, before Joelle was born, I had gotten quite used to the idea that I was carrying a boy (since that seemed to be the popular opinion of everyone around me) and I had been getting very excited about the idea. And then again before Malia was born, I was quite confident that I would be having a boy this time for sure. Again, the prospect of that happening was definitely not a disappointment in my mind. So just so we're clear about that! 

But yes, in all honesty, I always wanted girls. Two girls. The number of them being just as much a part of it as the gender. And here's why:

1) First, I'll talk a bit about why I wanted to stop at two children. Aside from the whole idea of not being outnumbered (hee hee), I always liked the idea of two children so that one would never feel left out as a sibling. As soon as you have 3 or more, there is always the possibility (and strong likelihood) that two or more kids will have a stronger bond, leaving someone feeling left out or that they don't fit in as much. With two kids, that's not an issue. As someone who was the youngest of 3 sisters, let me just say that I very often felt like the odd one out. Yes, I had my younger brother (who I was very close with in our younger growing up years) but being the youngest girl and so often feeling left out...well, it was often very hard on me. 

2) As for the girl I just stated above, I had a younger brother. But I never had a younger sister, and I always desperately wanted that. I wanted someone that I could be a role model to in that girlie way - doing her hair, helping her with make-up, letting her borrow my clothes, giving her advice on boys, etc. Someone who I could take under my wing; who would need me and look up to me (in a different way than what a little brother would). Now that I have girls, I get to play that role with them - and let me just say, as they're getting older (especially Joelle at her age of 9), some of these things are coming into play. And it's just what I was wanting as a young girl/teenager. 

So I suppose the reason for wanting girls was purely selfish.  :)

Erin asked: What career path do you see your daughters following?

Right now, for Joelle I would say without hesitation - a teacher.

For Malia...this is a bit more difficult to answer. She loves animals and has a very nurturing heart, so I am not surprised when she says she wants to be a vet when she gets older...although I don't necessarily believe that will be the direction that she will take. I could see her being a phys ed teacher or even quite possibly a nurse. 

My sister Michelle asked: What would your dream job be?

Well, the jobs I would consider dream jobs are not really realistic...but then again, that's maybe why it's called a dream job right?

To me, a dream job would be a job that would seem more fun than work. So one of my dream jobs would be simply music. I would love to eat, breathe and sleep music - all while getting paid to do it! Not performing in big concerts around the world or anything (NOT my idea of a fun time). But writing music and even recording it? I'd be all over that if I had the talent to actually make a living out of it.

Another job that I think would be fun would be an interior designer. Now why is this not realistic you might be wondering? Because I don't have the eye for decorating! It sounds like so much fun - I mean, to think about getting paid to shop and set up a room "just so"? Yeah, that would be pretty dreamy in my opinion. Unfortunately you need the talent to go with it...thus, putting it out of my realm of possibility!

(It's funny that my sister is the one who asked this question, since she DOES have the eye for interior decorating!)

Okay, so thus completes another saga of my Q&A posts! Next up - the remaining few questions: What would I be doing if I hadn't discovered blogging, one of my most memorable or impacting moments in my spiritual journey, my dream vacation with Les, and my ideal family vacation.

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