Friday, November 2, 2012

third day on the fifth day

I was listening to the radio this morning - my favorite Christian station - when I heard some amazing news. The band Third Day is going to be on Jay Leno tonight (the fifth day of the week).  :)

I immediately went to my living room to set my PVR so I could be sure to watch it. And then I literally started to well up with tears.

How amazing that who-knows-how-many people tonight are going to watch and listen to a group of Christian musicians singing about our Lord and Savior. On national television!!

I've actually heard lately about several other Christian artists that have been on various television shows (I just always heard about them after the fact so I could never watch them). This kind of thing just really excites me. The impact that these musicians can have on the audience they are reaching out to could be life-changing for many people. Just think about the possibilities!

The world is full of lost souls, searching for something that they just haven't found yet. Souls that are yearning for something to fill the emptiness that they are feeling. And because of Christian artists being given these sorts of platforms to share the Good News...they just might find what they're desperately searching for!

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