Thursday, December 6, 2012

it's better to give: winners announced!!

Well, this morning was exciting as I got all of the entries to my Christmas give-away ready in a bowl for the random draw! I must say, giving gifts is just plain ol' fun. So thanks to everyone who entered your name - I had 20 participants who wanted a chance to win one of my handmade scarves.

I won't keep you waiting any longer! Here are the two winners for the scarves...

First up - the person who I will be giving this green & beige scarf to is:

A little bit about this special person...Ruth is someone I have known now for oh, 14 years or so (!!!). She trained me at my first ever "real" job when I became a receptionist at a computer company after graduating from Bible School. We also now live in the same small town so aside from reading her most inspiring blog, I also get to run into her around town sometimes! Ruth, you are such an amazing woman and everyone who knows you has been richly blessed. Congratulations Ruth! I will hand-deliver this to you in the very near future.  ;)


And moving right along to the red & beige scarf, the winner of that one is:

 No, not myself - but a best friend who shares the same name as me! I have known Andrea for pretty much the same time as I've known Ruth, as I moved in with her and a couple of other girls right before starting my first ever "real" job that I mentioned above. Andrea and I not only shared an apartment, but a room, and even though I had not known her before living with her she very quickly became a best friend. And it's a close friendship that has lasted these almost-15 years and one that will carry on for the rest of our lives. Another fun fact - it was together with Andrea that I learned to crochet, along with the oh-so-lovely Kathy with the tutelage of another one of our roommates, Sandi. The four of us roomies would spend many an evening in the living room, crocheting together while visiting. Makes us sound like little old grannies.  :)

Congrats Andrea! Happy that I can share this gift with you! Now we need to make plans to get together so I can deliver it!


Well, there you have it. The two scarves that I had said I was going to give away. 

But...what if I thought that two wasn't quite enough? What if I decided to whip up one more scarf yet to add to this Christmas give-away?

Which is exactly what I did! 

So the surprise 3rd winner who will get this soft grey scarf is:


I haven't known Kristin quite as long - I'm thinking we're maybe going on about 5 or 6 years? We go to the same church together and let me tell you, Kristin is about one of the greatest gals that I know! Ooh, I must take this opportunity to once again plug her amazing talents! If you remember on my very first give-away that I did on this blog (way back, celebrating my 950th blog post) it was HER hand-made jewelry that were the prizes! One was purchased by me to give away and the second one was generously donated by her. How sweet is that? Her talent is incredible, my friends, and her creativity knows no bounds! Check her out on Facebook and hey, maybe finish up some Christmas shopping with her!


Oh so fun! I'm thinking this won't be the last time I'll be doing a give-away. There's just something so exciting about giving gifts to people, I will surely have to do it again!

But until then - thanks again to everyone who entered!


LaughingLady said...

Aw, nuts. Ah well, it's probably better I wasn't one of the winners anyway. Then I'd need to go out and buy some new clothes to go with my new scarf, and since I don't own any accessory scarves currently, I'd probably have to get a few of those too, to better justify buying new clothes.... I see it turning into an ugly, vicious cycle. ;)

Congrats to the winners!

andrea said...

hahaha...i just chatted with you...and you kept it quiet!!! silly girl!!! thank you so much for blessing me this way!!!

Kristin said...

Wow, thanks Andrea! I'm glad I kept scrolling down your blog post! You are so sweet. [And thanks, too, for the shout-out.]

TammyIsBlessed said...

How fitting that Kristen won one then!
And the other two winners are a perfect fit too!

Roo said...

wow andrea....your little visit today TOTALLY made my day. a million thanks for this most amazing gift. i truly love it. love you friend. xo

Jackie said...

Oh shoot! I totally forgot about your give-aways!!!! But I do feel special that you did make me a very lovely scarf for me recently:) Remind me next time you do give-aways and I'll donate an item too:)