Wednesday, January 30, 2013

grocery store encounter

Yesterday I went grocery shopping. Before I went, I was looking at my list and getting a bit nervous. It was one of those where we were seemingly out of pretty much everything and I knew it was gonna hurt a little bit. With Christmas and our Fargo trip and our van repairs barely behind us - not to mention me losing a regular cleaning client due to their own financial issues - money has seemed to be a little tight these days.

As I was worrying thinking about my list, I sent up a simple prayer to God asking Him to take control of this and put His hand on it.

When I walked into the grocery store a couple of hours later, the first thing I saw was toilet paper that was on a great sale. A-ha! I thought. Great start. Check one item off my list and continue on my way. That in itself was a relief.

When I turned down the baking aisle - needing brown sugar, white sugar and flour - I had to chuckle to myself when I saw that all three of those items were also on sale. Nice one, God! I thought with a smile.

And so went my grocery shopping trip as I continued down the aisles, crossing items off of my lengthy list. Yogurt? On sale. Cheese slices? On sale. Cereal? On sale (and even specifically the ones that had been requested by my family members). Even Pepsi for this tired Mama was on a great sale - bonus!

The first item (the toilet paper) was a relief. The baking ingredients made me chuckle. And every item after that? Well, they brought tears to my eyes. For serious. I was completely overwhelmed that so many of the items that were needed this week were on sale. Just for me. None of these were items that I only bought because they were on sale; they were all items that were already on my list (granted the Lucky Charms cereal is a novelty item - but not only was it on sale, it also has a free movie coupon so I was pretty much paid to bring it home).  :)

This picture shows all of the items that I got on sale. My weekly menu can go ahead as planned and we can have the basics and some urgent essentials (ahem...toilet paper) because God took control. I encountered God in the middle of the grocery store. Sure, I may still have gone a bit over budget - but the way that God showed me that He was clearly looking out for us? It was something I won't soon forget.

It was a reminder that God cares about everything in our lives. Even our grocery bill.


andrea said...

you bet! what a great post! thanks for sharing how God worked in your life...we need to do this more! xo

TammyIsBlessed said...

That is so awesome!! Thanks for sharing that with us :) We sure do serve a great and personal God!

Kathy and Carl said...

That's just amazing. God's just amazing, isn't He? Wow!

Jackie said...

An answer to prayer! We have a wonderful God!