Monday, January 28, 2013

Q&A ~ Part VII

Yay! The final installment from the questions I was asked for my 950th post from a year and a half ago!! Phew, not sure why these took me so long to get through but here are the final questions and my answers!

Jacquie asked: What is one of your most memorable or impacting moments in your spiritual journey?

I think my entire 2 years of Bible school experience would be the most memorable "moment" in my spiritual journey. It wasn't an experience that I just sailed through while living in that "bubble" of a Bible school. There were plenty of real-life situations that I had to deal with while I was there. It was a very challenging time for me in many ways, but as an outcome those were the years where I felt closest to God. Being in such an environment on a daily basis was an experience like no other. Living in a dorm with 25+ other young women, praying in every class, having daily chapels...there are some days when I'd like to go back to that time. It was so enriching and definitely had a big impact in my spiritual journey.

My Mom asked: If you could choose your ideal family vacation, what would it be? 

Well...given my fear of flying, this would have to be somewhere within driving distance. Reasonable driving distance at that in order to make it "ideal" for myself. I haven't really thought much about where would be my ideal family vacation actually - probably because I know that we can't really afford anything other than our annual Fargo trips (and even that might be an unreasonable stretch this next year). But IF money wasn't an issue...ah, I just don't know! I'm not much of a travel-lover so to be honest our Fargo trips are perfectly fine in my books! I know Les wants to one day take a trip to the west coast (Canadian west coast) to the mountains. But that sounds like too long of a drive to me. Oh jeez, I'm just rambling here. I guess the question didn't say WHERE would it be, it said WHAT would it be. So I would say that my ideal family vacation would be somewhere that wouldn't take more than 12 hours of driving to get to and where the weather was nice but not scorching hot. Someplace where we could relax and swim in the pool - but also head out to a beach on other days. A place where we are spending a lot of quality family time together and not fighting insanely busy crowds the entire time (so no, Disney would not be considered MY ideal family vacation). Exposing the girls to some new sights and experiences. Very vague answer, I know. Sorry Mom.  :(

Kathy asked: What would be the ultimate trip you could take with Les for an anniversary?  

Ahh...another trip question!  :)
Oh boy, these are tough for me you guys! Most "normal" people wouldn't have a problem spouting off an answer like Hawaii or Paris or something. But I'm different in this way and those things don't appeal to me.  Not just because of the flying. Most of the time when people go on big trips to Europe or something, hearing about everything they saw and did while they were there just sounds so exhausting to me! I'm sure it's all fun and a great experience and all of that - but I guess I've just never been bitten by the travel bug. A trip to Hawaii now would be a bit different since that would involve more laying on the beach. I suppose IF I didn't have to fly to get there (ha ha!) I wouldn't mind a beach vacation with my hubby...

Andrea asked: What would you have been doing if you haven't discovered blogging? I find blogging my therapy...curious, how you think you would have spent your time?

Wow. Blogging has been a big part of my life for...almost 6 years now! I can't even imagine a time anymore where I wasn't blogging. I want to take some time to first talk about my journey of blogging before I answer the question.

Blogging brings about many changes. Most of the time I'm a person who does not like change. I prefer the familiar; the stability of routine.

But that's not the way that life works. And in turn, that's not the way that blogging works either! But I am getting to be okay with that. I find it interesting how my blogging has gone through different phases.

Often - especially when the girls were younger - my posts were more focused on them and their latest accomplishments and funny actions/sayings. I also went through a more spiritual time where a lot of my posts were metaphors for my Christian walk.

There was my series of 'From-the-Inside-Out' Friday posts and my very sporadic Wordless Wednesday contributions.

Then of course there were my Thankful Thursday posts, which later got changed to 1000 Gifts. And even that 1000 Gifts went through a change...going from lists of 10 or more items in a post down to one item, showcased by a photo. Now that I have my 365: A Photo a Day blog however, I may go back to the longer itemized lists just so that I'm not only posting pictures everywhere but some actual writing too!

Oh yes...and we can't forget my From Pinned to Practice series! You may have noticed that has taken quite a hiatus as of late. But in my defense, I have maybe spent 1/2 an hour on Pinterest in the past two months - so I figure if I ain't pinning, I don't have to practice.  :)

Anyway, my point? I am just reminded of how much I love blogging. The way it shows different angles of my life and the reminder that we are always changing - whether we like it or not! The way I can look back and see the growth in my character; my joys and set-backs. My interests. It's a wonderful document of my life.

I do think though that if I hadn't discovered blogging, perhaps I would be writing more songs. I know song writing is a completely different form of therapy but the idea behind it is the same. I could tell my story through song too and I'm sure I would notice changes in my lyrics and musical style as well as my life was going through different phases.

Maybe one day I'll find a better balance between the two where I can write songs AND keep up this blog. For now though, I feel like I barely have the creative energy for the one. The dream is there though to write more songs...maybe one day.

(And just a little plug for my 365: A Photo a Day blog that I started up on January 1st...I'm not sure how many of you have been regularly following it, but I have been regularly posting - every single day! I haven't missed one so far and I've really been enjoying trying to capture a picture every day to share. For those of you who are on Facebook and especially if you follow me on Instagram, you might think you don't need to look at the picture blog...but just so you all know, my goal is to NOT post duplicate pictures on the blog. I think so far there was one exception where the picture I posted was also on FB and Instagram, but my goal is for the pictures on my picture blog to be ONLY seen on the blog. So if you haven't stopped by yet and are interested in checking it out - please do!)

And that's a wrap everybody! Sorry it took so stinkin' long to work through these questions. If I ever do a Q&A thing before, I promise to be better at getting the answers out there! Thanks again to all of you who participated and I hope you've enjoyed reading the answers to your questions.

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Is there a way to edit a picture in Instagram and not post it there, but still save it to your camera roll on your iphone so you can post it on your blog?