Wednesday, January 2, 2013

thanking God

Last night we got back from a short family holiday (our 3rd year in a row of making this little trip with the kids after Christmas). And while that was a wonderful time and yes we are thankful to God for being able to go on such a trip again - and perhaps I'll post about it yet in the near future - that's not what this post is about.

It's about our drive home. 

I thank God that when we got our flat tire - going 75mph - it was fairly simple for Les to slow down and pull over to the side of the road safely. I thank God that this happened after our mini-vacation was over so that it didn't interfere with the good time we were having.

I thank God that there are still nice strangers out there who will pull over to see if you need help on a cold, dark winter's evening - one, at least.

I thank God that Les attempted all he could at the next nearby town to find an air pump to pump up the spare tire that was not full enough. Even though we were not successful, I thank God that he was trying his best to take the best care of his family.

And I thank God that we made it back onto Canadian soil without further incident...yet.

I thank God that when we got our second flat tire we were, indeed, back in our own country - just barely. I thank God that when this second tire blew out we were only going about 75kms per hour (instead of mph) due to the spare tire. I thank God that I had not taken Les up on his suggestion for me to drive earlier. I thank God that Les knew how to handle the vehicle when this time we were not as fortunate for him to be able to easily come to a stop and pull over to the side of the road.

I thank God that the highway wasn't icy when the second tire went. I thank God that as our vehicle was careening all over the highway - and the girls were screaming with utter panic in the backseat - that I was able to stay calm (on the outside at least) and speak words of assurance to them. I thank God that Les was able to keep us from hitting the ditch and potentially - and quite likely - flipping over. I thank God that my panicked thoughts of "This is it - we're going to die" were met with a "No." I thank God that after multiple seconds of being in complete lack of control (seconds that felt like minutes) we were able to eventually come to a safe stop on the side of the highway.

I thank God for parents who were willing to come to our rescue at the drop of the hat - even inspite of the late evening hour. I thank God that we had a pretty full tank of gas so we could still have the vehicle running and keep warm while we waited the 90 minutes for our ride. I thank God for the use of cell phones (especially since nobody stopped to see if we were okay this time...come on Canadians!!).

I thank God that my girls were able to fall asleep in Grandma & Grandpa's truck seeing as it was midnight before we were on our way again. I thank God that we were all safe - even if slightly traumatized. I thank God that we have a "car account" so we should be able to pay for the two new tires without too much inconvenience.

And I especially thank God that there were no other vehicles in close proximity to us when the second tire blew out. If there had been...well, I shudder to think of the very different outcome that this drive home would probably have had. It's a sobering thought and one I'm trying not to dwell on...but it's still there.

Yes, I thank God. I could say that our New Year started off very poorly - but I'm choosing to rather thank God for all of the GOOD things that happened in the chain of events that kept us safe.

Thank God.


pam said...

Yikes! Glad to hear that you were all okay. As you said, thank God.

Pamela said...

oh man! I would have been glad I wasn't the one driving too!! So scary!

Jenn said...

That sounds so scary! I thank God that you are all ok!!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Definitely scary! Your story sure goes well with the post I just made on my blog. Where was God? He was right there with you.