Friday, February 22, 2013

1000 gifts: #602 - 635

Wow - I have some catching up to do on things I have been blessed with lately. Late January and all of February is by far my most difficult time of the year so too often I tend to wallow in my misery and I forget to look at all of the positive things. Here are just some of them (most of them have pictures to go with them from my 365: A Photo a Day blog - I'd love for you to check them out if you don't already!)

[602] Laughing hysterically while watching Ellen
[603] Joelle's bravery - even through her tears - while having to get blood drawn
[604] Saturday morning sleep-ins
[605] Time at the piano
[606] Daylight hours getting progressively longer {happy sigh}
[607] The view out my back door - I've mentioned this one before, but it never ceases to bring me joy
[608] Breakfast in bed from my sweet girls - for no reason other than the fact that they love me
[609] Sunday supper with my family while watching a movie on TV
[610] Starting to feel fit again
[611] The gift of music...oh how I love music
[612] Massages from my hubby after a stressful day
[613] Having friends over for a turkey dinner
[614] Starting a new home business! [you can see my FB page here]
[615] Doritos and salsa - a winning combination [with a side of Pepsi to make it absolute perfection, of course!]
[616] A game of Scrabble with my Mom
[617] A special one-on-one date with my 5 year old nephew
[618] Sisters who love to have sleep-overs together
[619] The messy signs of spring {another happy sigh}
[620] Games night with "the girls" - and meeting someone new!
[621] A job that I enjoy [and no, it's not my house cleaning job!]
[622] Simple - but thoughtful - gifts from my hubby on Valentine's Day
[623] Special movie nights with my girlies...
[624] ...and being goofy together!
[625] A l-o-n-g overdue date night
[626] A warm & cozy house to keep us safe and protected during a blizzard
[627] The wind blowing in just the right way during said blizzard to prevent our driveway from having huge drifts [hooray for NO SHOVELING needed!]
[628] That the "snow day" resulting in the blizzard fell on a day where I didn't have to work so I didn't have to re-arrange anything in order to be home with my girls
[629] A special mother/daughters afternoon date on said snow day
[630] Friends who have a strong faith in God - even amidst the dark and trying time they have been faced with
[631] A hard-working husband who does his best to provide for his family each and every day - even when it's -40*C and he has to work outside all day
[632] Friends who send a well-timed text message
[633] A friend who not only prays FOR me - but WITH me
[634] Discovering that the new baby to join our extended family this summer is going to be another niece for me!
[635] A friend with similar goals to help keep me accountable in my work-outs and eating habits

So I guess I do take time to consider the positives on a daily basis with my photo blog - but sometimes it's nice to list it all so I can see the actual volume of positives. Have YOU made a list of your blessings lately? It really helps restore a good attitude when you're feeling down about things and need a fresh perspective. Try it...I dare you.  :)

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