Friday, February 1, 2013

clinging to the promises

One of the things that brings me the most peace is seeing a rainbow. It's a visual reminder of God and His promises. I may know and understand His promises without the actual rainbow - but there's something different about seeing one. His presence feels stronger; almost like I can reach out and touch Him.

The problem with rainbows is that they don't happen during the winter. During the time of year when I need to feel God's presence the most.

I've seen many sun dogs in my day - in fact, I posted a picture of one just last week on my 365: A Photo a Day blog and then I saw another one yesterday - and while they're beautiful in their own right, it's still not the same.

But what I missed yesterday was what a friend captured on camera and posted on Facebook. Check it out - a winter rainbow! 

Picture taken by Chad Reimer and used with permission.
Now, I don't know the technical term for what that actually is - nor do I really care. What I do know - and do care about - is that God sent me a rainbow. In the dead of winter. I may not have witnessed it personally "in the flesh" but this picture is enough.

Enough to remind me that God is still here; His promises are still very real. Even during my most difficult weeks and months of the year. And when I feel prone to forget that - or doubt it - I can look back at this picture. And cling to it with all my might.

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