Thursday, February 14, 2013

my thoughts on today

You can't go very far today without hearing about the fact that it's Valentine's Day. So yes, today's post is indeed about Valentine's Day. There are so many opinions floating around about this particular calendar day and I wanted to weigh in with my own opinion. And here it is:

I'm saddened by the amount of people who boycott Valentine's Day.

Boycotting spending $50 (or more!) on flowers? Sure. Boycotting having to wait two hours at a restaurant before getting a table? No problem. Boycotting spending money (that you don't have) on expensive jewelry (that your significant other doesn't need)? Go for it.

But boycotting setting aside time to let your loved ones know that they are, in fact, loved ones...why?

I know many people's opinion is that we should be showing love every day. Absolutely we should! No question about it. But do we? Sure, we may tell our husband and kids that we love them every day. But do we make them feel extra special every day of the year? I know I don't. Life gets busy and things get pushed aside. Priorities get mixed up and I'm convinced that someone is actually robbing us of hours in our day. We may have grand plans that never end up panning out. What's wrong with having a day set aside that's meant for us to slow down and remember to express appreciation for our loved ones?

It's the same as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Shouldn't we always express gratitude for all that we have? Shouldn't we always celebrate the fact that baby Jesus was born? Again, of course we should. But we don't necessarily take the time to. Yet we don't hear of many people boycotting Thanksgiving. Why should Valentine's Day be any different?

Then there are those who say they're boycotting because they don't have a significant other, or they boycott in defense of those who don't have a significant other. I get this one - to an extent. Yes, the world seems to push romance as the main feature of V-Day. But it doesn't need to be just about that. It's a day of love. You should be showing love to all of your family and friends on this day, not just your spouse or significant other. And if you have friends who are single and who normally struggle on this day - reach out to them in particular. Make sure that you put effort into making them feel extra special on this day.

I got a text this morning from my best friend asking if I would be her special valentine. That made my day even more than she probably knew. We both have husbands and kids, but why stop there at expressing love on this day? Spread it around, people!

Some people don't want their "special someone" to get them a gift or take them out on a date just because they feel like they have to.  So then talk about it and decide together that you won't do that. Do whatever you want on this day, but please do something! Exchange back massages, cook your husband's favorite food for dinner. Turn the TV off and play your wife's favorite game with her.

You don't have to go out, wait forever long in a restaurant and drop a fortune on gifts. But again, sometimes it's nice to get this reminder that it's time for a date night. Les and I rarely go out on actual Valentine's Day (and when we did in our earlier years it was to places like Subway and A&W), but when we see this day of the year creep up on the calendar, it makes us pause and think, Oh has been awhile since we carved out time for the two of us to go out and just be a couple. So often we will plan a date night the weekend before or after Valentine's Day. Because spending time alone together is a vital part of any relationship.

And don't forget about including the kids in the Valentine's festivities! Again, you don't need to break the bank to make them feel extra loved and special on this day. I cut out heart-shapes and wrote little notes that I stuck in their lunch kits today. Les did the same before he left for work this morning, leaving the notes at the breakfast table for them to find when they woke up - as well as a few small chocolates. Some people make heart-shaped pancakes (or grilled cheese sandwiches!) for their kids. Why would you want to boycott a holiday that's all about love?

Again, I get wanting to boycott the commercialism of it all. But you can do that while still taking part in showing your loved ones how special they are to you. So I have on my heart earrings today and I'm cooking a yummy dinner for my family tonight (one of their favorite meals, not mine!). I will be sure to give Les a massage tonight - like I do on other nights too, but especially today - and I will spend some extra time with my girls doing something fun this evening.

All things that can be done (and are done) any other day of the year - but with special emphasis on it today. Why? Because "I felt too loved today" was said by no one ever.


Amanda said...

I agree with your post 100%! We don't boycott the day we do boycott the "expense" that can come along with the day. Kids woke up to valentine cards and some chocolate! Heart shaped sandwiches and ice cream with heart sprinkles for lunch. Plus more fun to come!

Jenn said...

Well said!!

LaughingLady said...

Love the very last line especially!! SO true.

pam said...

I agree with you! It's funny, I was just saying to Carey today that no one seems to boycott turkey and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving because we're TOLD to be thankful, yet such a fuss is made about Valentine's day. Great minds think alike! ;)

We often don't do much for Valentine's day, but it is a good reminder to do little things, or like you said, do something the week before or after. Today I made the kids heart-shaped toast for breakfast, we made chocolate-covered strawberries together, and this evening we went out for ice cream as a family.

Angela Kroeker said...

I totally agree Andrea! Well said! If you don't like V-day then at least do something special on that day or another day. Yes, people will say that you can show love on any day but we don't. You are right, life is busy. Pat and I tell each other we 'I love you' all the time. We kiss when he leaves for work in the morning, and most of the time when he comes home. I think there should be one day of the year that we pull out all the stops for those we love! With that being said, we don't celebrate V-day! We boycott it in regards to our relationship. When we got married we both thought it was dumb because it was a day that had no meaning for us. The idea of showing love was great but why does it have to be when the world say's we should? Also like you said, the crazy wait times for a meal! Not worth it. So we decided to celebrate the day we got in engaged! That made sense to us. It's been good but I have to say we have missed some years. The good part about celebrating Valentines Day with the world is that you will NEVER FOR GET! LOL! On the other hand even though we've missed some years I still love that we take time to remember the day we got engaged! For us that works. I still do fun things for our boys on V-day and I enjoy that. The boys like getting stuff from me, but that's as far as it goes in our home.

I also never thought about opening up the invitation to others Andrea. What a nice idea! Sending a few close friends a nice text or e-mail on that day is an awesome idea! I'm going to remember that for next year.

Jackie said...

Awwwwww that made me smile;) I love valentines day too! And not just because I have a sweet husband to celebrate with (and it's just 2 days before our anniversary). I just love celebrating with the girls too - Dave and I gave them little treats and cards expressing our LOVE for them. LOVE that day!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Very well said! :)

Margo said...

Good post. I so agree!

Gin said...

You've inspired me. Great post. You really made me think. Thanks.