Friday, February 8, 2013

the life of a baby

"Babies have it so easy." I'm sure we have all said this more than once. At least I know I have. We look at those sleeping beauties with a sense of envy at them having the world revolve around them...without them having to lift a single finger.

Let's face it - we're often jealous of the life of a baby.

But what we seem to always overlook is that we were there once too. We once lived that "life of leisure" where the world revolved around us. We just didn't have the capacity to understand it - and certainly not to appreciate it.

Almost seems like a waste, doesn't it? To live a life of leisure, yet not be able to ever remember the benefits of it nor ever understand the value of it.

But you know what I think is an even greater waste? To live a life as God's child and not fully realize the benefits or understand the value of it. It happens all too often...including in my own life. No, we may not have the world revolve around us the way that happens in a baby's life - far from it, in fact. But we do have someone who can take all of our burdens from us.

We're tired? He will give us rest
Did we "soil" ourselves [sorry for the gross connotations of this one. ;) ]? He can give us a fresh start. 
Are our souls hungry? He will feed us. 
Do we need to be held? His arms will always hold us
Do we need help getting from Point A to Point B? He will carry us. 

And not because we are "entitled" to it. But because He loves us. And suddenly that sounds pretty darned good too!

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Jackie said...

That's uplifting, Andrea. I am going to hold onto these words today:)