Monday, April 15, 2013

1000 gifts: #648 - 664's time for another list of things to be grateful for. Those of you who live where I live will know WHY I'm in need of this list - but for those of you who don't...let's just say winter in mid-April is NOT cool. But enough about that, here are the blessings I am choosing to focus on:

[648] My hubby made it to the city safe and sound

[649] A new haircut (well, a couple of weeks ago already) that makes me feel pretty

[650] A night out with my bestie - and she even paid for me [double blessing]

[651] A quick [but special] cuddle from my 5 year old nephew that was initiated by HIM

[652] The smell of freshly-done laundry

[653] The pretty things I am making while I frantically get ready for my first craft show in early May

[654] Carrot cake with cream cheese icing...'nuff said!

[655] My kids are playing well so far on their non-school day 

[656] And the fact that the non-school day was already planned & expected and not last-minute due to the weather

[657] Leftovers send home with me from my Mom yesterday so that I don't have to think about what we'll have for lunch

[658] My new necklace from my very talented friend Kristin [which was given to me in exchange for some of my crocheted goodies - love deals like that!].

[659] A cozy home

[660] The fact that there is always hope...even when it doesn't always feel like it

[661] Listening to my girls play with their Cabbage Patch Kids for hours on end

[662] A productive morning at home...

[663] ...after having a lovely sleep-in

[664] Music...oh how I love music


Kathy said...

Definitely on a snowy day like this, it's nice to count some pretty awesome blessings. Though it's beautiful outside, I think I'm ready for beauty in the browns and greens!

Jackie Klassen said...

i love it! so many blessings! thanks for the reminder!