Monday, May 13, 2013

just keep running...just keep running...

Last month Joelle decided to join the Grade 4&5 Running Club program. It was a short program - about 5 weeks I think - and it was from 3:45-4:30 on Monday afternoons after school. She was very excited about it and even enjoyed her mid-week mile that she was required to run in between Mondays.

Until about Week 2...or maybe Week 3.

Now, granted, I know that it was tiring for her since on Tuesday after school she was also involved in swimming lessons where she basically swims laps for 45 minutes straight. But this was a decision she made - knowing about her swimming commitment ahead of time.

At Week 4 she was so miserable about running club and was desperate for us to let her quit. She hated it and wished she had never signed up to begin with. Unfortunately for her, Les and I are very firm on our girls' commitments. We have never forced extra-cirricular activities upon them (other than swimming lessons) so once they decide to participate in something, they have to see it through to completion. This was no different.

So she plugged through and received her training certificate last week Monday. It wasn't over though. As the final event, all students in Running Club were go participate in a 3k or 5k run at the Physio Fit Run in the city this weekend.

It meant getting up at 6:30am on a Saturday (!!!) to make the trip in and get organized before the 9:00am start time. Originally when Joelle signed up, she had decided that she wanted the run to be just her thing - but as time drew closer, she asked me to register and run it with her.

The night before the run - and the morning of - was a disaster as Joelle was adamant that she was NOT doing it. Again, unfortunate for her, Les and I are just as stubborn as she is. So on the cloudy and COLD morning of Saturday, May 11th Joelle and I ran the 3k together, side by side.

Thankfully once we arrived at the park her attitude had changed and she was actually in very good spirits throughout the entire run. It really was a special Mother/Daughter thing that we could do together and I was so proud of her for completing it. Our 3k run actually mapped out to be longer. I had my watch set to miles so it should've been 1.86 miles but it ended up being 2.16 miles. I followed her cures for speed and walk breaks, letting her completely set the pace, and our finish time was 27 minutes and 47 seconds. With a fast sprint towards the finish line (like they had been instructed to do by their Phys Ed teacher).

 Congratulations, Joelle! I am so proud of you and I also am so honoured to have done it with you.


LaughingLady said...

VERY cool. Congratulations to both of you!!

Way to stick with it, Jo! Anything really worth having is gonna take hard work... and you DID IT!! Great job!!

Auntie Tammi

TammyIsBlessed said...

Definitely no quitting allowed!

Way to go Joelle! You're probably also real proud of yourself for finishing it, and you should be!