Thursday, June 20, 2013

true story

I have always sworn up and down and sideways that I would never have an indoor pet. The plan has always been to get a dog at some point...eventually...but a large one that would strictly be an outdoor dog. However, when our friends' trip to Ethiopia to pick up their adopted son fell over the time that their planned long-term dog-sitters were going on holidays...there was a week that someone else would need to step in to take the pup in.

And without hesitating, I volunteered.

I know, I was a jaw-dropping moment for me too. But given the situation - and the fact that they are some of our very best friends in the world - it felt like a small way I could offer assistance and support during their life-changing journey.

So on Tuesday, June 4th, Zeke came to stay with us for awhile. Isn't he cute?

And I have to tell you, it was - for the most part - a pleasure having him around. In fact, more than that...I sorta kinda fell in love with him a little bit.

It's true!

He's not a young puppy so I didn't have to deal with him being wild & crazy. He didn't have a single accident in the house and we didn't have to get up for him during the night (although, admittedly, there were a handful of nights that Les had to have some words with him before we fell asleep due to some barking issues).

He was calm and friendly and just generally easy to have around. I was surprised at how quickly he grew on me. But he really did! And it wasn't long before our "no coming on the couch" rule was broken. I loved having him snuggle up beside me while watching TV.

And it was sweet to see him snuggled up by Les on a lazy Sunday afternoon....

I also loved my relaxing times with him sitting on the front porch. I would sometimes take my crocheting outside and just having his presence there was really comforting. The loyalty and companionship of a dog is really quite something. It made me have a bit more understanding of how people can seem to go a bit crazy over their animals.  :)

Yes, Zeke and I had some good bonding time. In fact, things went so well that when our week was up, I was okay with keeping him longer. See, the long-term dog-sitters didn't return from their trip together.  The husband came back earlier to get back to work, but the wife and kids stayed away longer. So I figured rather than send him back and have him in his kennel all day every day while the Mr. was at work - he could just stay with us where he'd have more chances to run and play. So rather than having him for one week, we had him for two!

 But just this past Tuesday, June 18th, our time with Zeke was over. Everyone was home from their holidays and it was time to give him back. The girls were heart-broken, since they very quickly felt like Zeke was a part of our family. And while things went really well - and I did experience a changed attitude about small, indoor dogs - I was ready to have things get back to normal around here.

I'm not sure I'm ready to do any more dog-sitting in the future (especially since I'm sure not all dogs will be as easy to have around as this one was) but I am happy for the experience. I'm happy for giving the girls a chance at learning more responsibility - including cleaning up his poop (you walk him, you clean up after him!). I'm happy for opening my mind up to breaking my own set of rules about indoor pets. I'm happy for the companionship that I had - especially during the second week when I particularly needed it. I'm happy that even though I'm 34 years old and pretty good at sticking to what I like/know, I can still venture out of my comfort zone and try something new...huh. So I guess you can teach an "old dog new tricks" (me being the "old dog" in this scenario...).

But now I'm also happy that my house is pup-free again.  :)


Kathy said...

Selfie with a dog certainly shows one who has fallen in love!

Jackie Klassen said...

I miss my dog Sasha...she passed away in 1998 (the day I wrote my RN exam!). I loved having her sit in my lap:)