Thursday, July 4, 2013

for the love of books

I love books.

Notice how I didn't just say I love reading [which is also true]...but I love the actual books themselves. I found this picture with a quote beside it [source unknown - to me, anyway] that said "Kindles don't have this kind of magic."

Oh, that one line holds so much truth.

Now, I have learned from past experiences to never say never - so I hesitate to say that I will never get an e-reader of any kind...but I sure hope that I won't!!

I understand the convenience of it - and perhaps even purchasing the e-books is cheaper...but at what cost?

I just can't give up the things that I love about physical books for convenience - and no, not even for saving a bit of money.

I love the way that books look sitting on a shelf...

I love feeling the pages between my fingers as I turn from one page to the next...

I love the sound that page-turning makes...

I love the smell that books have...

I love being able to share books back and forth...

I love the way books look worn after being well-used and well-loved. They can tell their own separate story just on the travels they have made from person to person.

There is such raw beauty in physical books that it breaks my heart just a little bit when I see people reading books on screens. Especially considering the amount of time we spend in front of screens for everything else in life these days. I've heard that it doesn't actually feel like you're reading on a screen, but I don't care - you still are reading on a screen. It makes me feel sad to think that one day there could be no more new books being printed. That book stores will be forced to close [just like so many video rental stores] and libraries will be empty because people will be too engrossed in their e-readers.

I just can't imagine a world without books.

I will do what I can - even as only one lone person - to keep the "real" books alive. The pros of e-readers don't even come close to out-weighing the pros of real my opinion.

Just yesterday I borrowed a bunch of books from two separate friends, and just looking at them stacked up on the kitchen table makes me happy.

I do have one problem though...which one do I start with?  ;)


The Brandt Family said...

Andrea, I felt (and still do at times) the same way you do for YEARS! However, last year I received a Kobo and while I didn't think I would use it, I love it now!
Especially since I am laid up with a bad sprain and cannot do anything that involves being on my feet.
It was super easy to download a few books to keep me occupied.
While I love my Kobo, I can definitely agree with the way you feel.
Enjoy those "new-to-you" books!

pam said...

I could've written this post! I'm so with you. I've read a few books on our iPad, and it's just not the same for me. Plus, I love to read in bed and I have a strong rule against technology/screens in the bedroom.
Enjoy your books!

LaughingLady said...

Mmmmmmm, I love books, too! It makes me so sad when I read articles about libraries and bookstores someday being a thing of the past. If it DOES happen, I really hope not in my or my kids' lifetimes! That would be horrible. I admit, there may be some positives to an e-reader (like being able to take multiple books on a holiday without sacrificing packing space), but it's still just not the same!

I suppose storage space might be another one ~ coming from the woman who buys a MASSIVE bookshelf to clean up her book clutter and finds out she probably should have bought TWO!

Jackie Klassen said...

I agree with you too! I love the physical books! I did read a book once on an ereader, but did not enjoy it as much as I do the "real" books!

Melissa said...

I am so with you on this too friend, I wont ever give up my physical style of reading books, love everything about them, I even love books about books!

Books are to me like ships are to the sea!

Alicia said...

Well, An, it looks like there are a few people who agree with you. Me too!! Me too!! Books are wonderful. Now, if only I could just find enough time to read my tall pile of good-looking books. My poor tech-savvy brother. He gets such disapproving looks from his dear sister. The only logical thing about ereaders being handy is the packing for a trip thing. Other than that, I think they're ridiculous!!!

TammyIsBlessed said...

I agree, except that I love my ereader for our cruise trips and reading outside - no matter how windy it is I don't have to fight with pages flapping around. And I can "bring" my bible poolside without having to worry about it getting wrecked. Saving packing space and weight is fantastic too.

But, other than that, I prefer a real book in my hands any day!