Tuesday, August 6, 2013

flower power

Since I like the options of switching up my color scheme and layout in my front flower bed from one year to the next, I choose to plant annuals rather than perennials. Over the last few weeks, however, some of last year's annuals (pictured in the front) have decided to make an unexpected belated re-appearance.

And while they're sorta wrecking the look I had going on - since they're very randomly dispersed throughout the front edge of the flower bed with no rhyme or reason - they make me smile.

I like what they represent to me. 

They represent courage to step outside of my comfort zone. To not worry about fitting in, but to just be who I am. To not let anybody tell me that I can't do something or be something. I don't need to fit into a box of someone else's plans - not even my own; God's plans are ultimately the best ones.

And I can bloom anywhere...even when it was thought that my blooming days were over.

Wanna know something else really cool about these "last-year" annuals? Without exception they were all red and white. Last year, anyway. And now a single bright pink one has emerged, adding that much more spunk to my smile. And giving me the reminder to go forth and bloom in the color God meant for me.

Well played, God. Well played.