Monday, August 12, 2013

perfect timing

There have been many people complaining over the last couple of weeks about the weather. The temperatures are cooler than normal for this time of year - and after the long and horrible winter/spring we all endured, everyone was expecting (or at least hoping for) and long and hot summer.

For me, though, August is the perfect time for some fall-like temperatures being sprinkled in the mix. I can enjoy my favorite kind of weather without having the dreaded winter months right around the corner. I still have much of August to enjoy, all of September and October...and sometimes even the first part of November before winter rears its ugly head. So much better than only starting to feel fall-like weather towards the end of September.

Yes. August is the perfect time for me to get a taste of fall. I can enjoy it to the fullest knowing that not only is winter NOT right around the corner...but that the hot summer weather isn't completely over either. Because while I am enjoying the temporary feeling of fall, it's just that - temporary. I'm certainly not ready to say good-bye to summer entirely, and according to the coming weekend's forecast, we don't have to.

I've said it quoted it before, and I'll say it quote it again:

"August is that
crazy in between month that possesses both
the l-i-n-g-e-r-i-n-g charms of summertime
and the enticing pull of autumn."
~ Quote taken from here {emphasis mine}