Thursday, September 5, 2013

1000 gifts: #665 - 697

With the onset of my back issue that lasted the majority of the summer (with tremendous relief ocurring within the last few weeks thankfully!), I seem to have lost the art of counting my blessings. So with a short re-cap of summer, here's a catch-up list!

[665] fun at our town's local fair - which was thankfully just before my back issue started
[666] beautiful weather almost all summer long [some people complained that it was too cold for a couple of weeks, but to me it was all good]
[667] walks to the park
[668] BBQ's...oh, the yummy BBQ's
[669] time spent with cousins
[670] the safe arrival of my newest niece
[671] lemonade stands
[672] freshly baked cookies
[673] strawberry season
[674] successful camp experiences for both girls
[675] mom & daughter date days - individually
[676] celebrating a birthday with friends
[677] an engagement in the family
[678] date night
[679] slurpees on the front porch while soaking in the hot sun
[680] watching my little fish swim time and time again
[681] gorgeous summer sunsets
[682] being able to start walking again
[683] girl's night with my bestie
[684] trying something new
[685] VBS week and the alone time that gave me for a few mornings
[686] breakfast with a friend
[687] an annual get-together with friends - the family of my 4 not-so-little-anymore flowergirls
[688] a spontaneous evening invitation
[689] Manitoba's beautiful scenery
[690] flexible work hours
[691] that I made it home safely when my van was literally shutting down on me
[692] that we have a second vehicle to use when things like that happen
[693] and that the hubby carpools to work with his boss, meaning that the second vehicle is available for me to use during the day
[694] father/daughter traditions
[695] three glorious days to myself
[696] dress shopping success - for the girls AND myself
[697] a good start to the new school year

Wow - looks like goodness all around, doesn't it? I encourage you to all take a moment to focus on the positives in your life...before you know it, you don't have room for the negative!

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Jackie Klassen said...

I loved that, Andrea! Way to be so positive!