Saturday, October 5, 2013

and...we're done!

This is always a crazy time of year at the best of times, with both girls' birthdays being 11 days apart - but throw a family wedding in the middle and it makes things even more hectic!

But I survived once again, and even though I did the simplest parties imaginable I'm still exhausted!

For Joelle, I took her and her sister and two friends [she was allowed to invite 3 but it didn't end up panning out that way] to see Despicable Me 2 in theatres and then came home for cake and presents. I'm really thankful for Air Miles vouches which allowed this outing - including popcorn & drinks - to be close to free (the 3D was the only extra charge).

Here are her birthday cupcakes! Can you tell I love theme parties?  ;) These cupcakes were so simple to decorate...the eyes are marshmallows (cut down) and mini rolos. 

 And then of course, I made the oh-so-famous minion hats for this party. Oh wait...I guess this is why I felt exhausted after the first party. These hats took a lot of work...the most time consuming party favors EVER! But they were well worth it with how they turned out - and how much my girls LOVED them! And I just love it that my 10 year old doesn't think she's too old to have fun wearing a hat like this in public and that she's worn it many times to the park and even to school. I love her confidence when it comes to something that she likes and thinks is fun.

For Malia's party, we did the movie thing too. She chose to bring her sister and 3 of her best friends to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2...also in 3D. No hats this time around - I wouldn't have had enough time as 'handiwork' orders were piling up, but also it didn't seem as simple of a theme to make a hat for...and I was still recovering from the minion hats! Malia was thankfully not upset about it in the least, and I was still able to make her gift bags fun - including a 3D covered notebook, and food erasers to go with the movie theme.

Her cake, however, was the highlight of the party - at least for me! Out of all of the cakes I have made over the years, this one exited me the most I think. I was seriously almost giddy about it! I was hoping it would turn out how I pictured it would - and it did! 

[The spaghetti noodles are piped icing - the icing being slightly tinted with a wee bit of cocoa and a few drops of yellow food coloring to make them look more realistic other than stark white, even though the picture doesn't accurately reflect the coloring. The meatballs are Ferrero Rocher chocolates, the sauce is strawberry jam and the parmesan cheese - which also isn't very evident in the picture - is shredded white chocolate.]

And that, my friends, is how we did birthdays around here this year. 


LaughingLady said...

VERY well done!!

TammyIsBlessed said...

Awesome job!! I totally remember seeing that cake idea, but had no idea when/how I'd ever possibly use it. You nailed it!!

andrea said...

you are one talented chick! thanks for sharing your creations with us...makes me wanna do more around here! :)

Jackie Klassen said...

You are so awesome at parties, Andrea! LOVE the hats you made!!!

Gin said...

The cake is so cool!!! I would never have thought of that!! You're amazing.