Tuesday, October 1, 2013

forever my baby

Dear Malia,

Oh wow - my sweet Little Miss is EIGHT years old today. You know what that means? You're half-way to the sweet 16. Halfway to being able to drive! And sometime before that 16th birthday you'll be wearing make-up and being interested in boys. Ewww...boys!!  :)

It's hard to believe that we're really this far already. This far into your growing up process. We have even had "the talk"...{gasp!}. I can still remember so vividly the day that the doctor placed you on my chest. A head full of nearly black hair, your face so red and scrunched up. You were 8lbs 11oz of pure perfection...and you were mine.

You filled my heart that day in the early morning hours...and you completed our family. You were the integral final piece of the puzzle that tied us all together. And today is all about celebrating that fact; it's all about YOU.

Malia, you are so vibrant and beautiful. You have "that look" about you; everyone can see it. It's that twinkle in your eyes, that spark of life that radiates around you everywhere you go. Your love for those around you is undeniable. Your caring and nurturing personality is a blessing to everyone you meet.

I don't know how many times you come home from school with love notes for the members of your family. I have read over and over and over again how much you love me, your Dad and your sister. Notes that tell us without a doubt how special we are to you and how thankful you are that we are your family. Oh sweet child...we are also so thankful for you and I hope we tell you enough.

For every bit of you that is sweet and nurturing...you have a stubborn streak to balance things out!  :) This can prove to be a bit of a challenge to us as your parents from time to time...to time, but as you continue to grow and mature, I pray that you use this part of your personality for good! You are starting to enter the growing up years where you may start to feel pressure to do certain things or act a certain way just to fit in. These are the times where it will be good to use your strong-willed nature to hold firm to what you believe is right. Don't let others push you around or talk you into behaving in ways that you know are against your beliefs. Always keep your faith in God in the center of your life and keep a strong grip on that. Use your stubbornness to refuse to let that go.

One of the other things about you that really stands out is your love of music. I know we always say that Joelle is more like me and you are more like Dad...but I love it that there are also things about you that come from me. And your love of music is one of those things. It is so common to hear you singing or watch you dancing. Music is in you, there is no doubt about that. And that is a beautiful thing. It is something that will be able to help you through life as you celebrate the good and work through the bad. Music is a gift, Malia. It's a gift from God and I pray that you use it to give thanks to Him.

Little Miss...it is so fun watching you change and grow up from day to day and year to year. Watching your independence grow, seeing your personality come out in new ways...you make me proud each and every day. But no matter how much you grow, Malia...you will forever be my baby.

Happy 8th Birthday, my love.


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Jackie Klassen said...

I enjoy reading all the wonderful things you see in your daughters:) It will be so special for them to read some day.