Friday, January 17, 2014

the one where i turned 35

Two days ago (on January 15th), I turned 35 years old. Wowza - that's halfway to 70, folks! For reals.

But, moving on...for something different for my [late] birthday post, I thought I'd share pictures from throughout my day. I tried to take a picture every hour [as close to on the hour as I could] that would show how I spent my birthday.

8:00am - The gorgeous sunrise God sent to wish me a happy birthday!

9:00am - At work

10:00am - Still at work...

11:00am - Running on the treadmill

12:00pm - A nice bowl of hot soup for lunch while out with a friend

1:00pm - The white-out as I drove the short distance home from lunch

2:00pm - Crocheting on the couch, working on a new pattern

3:00pm - Watching a bit of TV with the hubby, who came home early due to the storm

4:00pm - Gift opening time! The heart pinky ring was #1 on my wish list!

5:00pm - As much as this irritates me, I somehow don't have a picture for 5:00!! Not sure how that happened, but I'll try to ignore it...even though it bugs the heck outta me!!

6:00pm - Supper. Yum.

7:00pm - Reading time with Little Miss

8:00pm - Cake time! Made with love by my 3 most favorite people!

9:00pm - Getting my traditional birthday massage from my wonderful hubby

10:00pm - Ready to hop into bed for the night.

And that, folks, is how I spent my birthday. Nothing glamorous, but overall it was a great day!

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TammyIsBlessed said...

Great idea! (The missing one would bug me too!)

Sounds like it was a really good day.