Monday, February 24, 2014

1000 gifts: #708 - 742 {in advance}

February has always been one of my most difficult months of the year to get through. And quite often March is just as difficult, as I wait very impatiently for spring to finally make an appearance.

Last night, while trying to give my oldest daughter things to think about to distract her from some scary thoughts so she could fall asleep, I started listing some things about spring and summer to look forward to. After I got back to my own bed, I could not stop listing off the wonderful things that are going to be part of my life again...once winter decides to leave.

So, in anticipation of the next two seasons, here is a nice long list of gifts that I am going to be very happy to receive...eventually.

[708] That in-between time where neither the furnace nor air conditioner is needed
[709] Having my windows open and the beautiful fresh air flowing through my home
[710] Birds chirping
[711] Daylight hours increasing till almost 10pm
[712] Being able to run outside without having to bundle up
[713] Flip-flops
[714] Cute dresses and fun colors
[715] Running outside
[716] Slurpee runs
[717] Family walks to the park
[718] Reading a book on my lawn chair in the sun (or shade, when it gets too hot!)
[719] The smell of sunscreen
[720] Seeing my pretty tulips come up from the ground

[721] BBQ's and more BBQ's...
[722] Sitting around a campfire (although I could do without the tenting and many other things that tend to go along with it)
[723] A reason to have consistently smoothly shaven legs
[724] Hearing the girls' giggles as they jump on the trampoline
[725] My annual s'more...or two
[726] Walking barefoot on soft, green grass
[727] Having ice cream on the front porch with my family
[728] Porch visits with friends
[729] Evening walks around town with a friend
[730] The sound and smell of gently falling rain
[731] Dancing in the rain

[732] Did I mention BBQ's?
[733] The sidewalk chalk creations that show up on my driveway
[734] No more posts from other people rubbing their hot vacations in our faces ;)
[735] Strawberry season!
[736] The warmth of the sunshine
[737] The reminder that comes with beautiful rainbows
[738] Lazy summer sleep-ins (on non-work days, that is)
[739] Feeling so hot that I think I might melt...but having shade or air conditioning to escape to when it gets TOO bad!
[740] Watching the girls set up their cookie/lemonade stand
[741] My feet walking in the sand
[742] Chillin' poolside at my sister's house

I got so involved with this list, when I looked outside in the middle of writing it, I honestly was taken aback by the sight of the snow! Guess I got a little caught up in the fantasy of it all...

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Jackie Klassen said...

Oh Andrea...winter has really been getting to me this month. Your list makes me wish for summer even more! How long will it take till it's hear??? Hot yoga has helped me a little - feeling some real heat in the dead of winter feels nice. But I want BBQ's, wear flip flops, hang out in the back yard, and see my house being built!!!!