Friday, February 14, 2014

spreading the love

Today is Valentine's Day, once again. You may or may not remember my thoughts on today from last year's post - in case you forget, click here to read it.

For those who choose to boycott this holiday, my main thoughts about it, to be short and simple, are these few things really:

1. YES, we should show love every day - but we also should give thanks every day, and that doesn't stop us from celebrating why should it stop us from celebrating Valentine's Day?

2.  Make the day about how you want it. Boycott the commercialism of it and turn it into a day of simple acts of love and kindness to those around you. Saying no to some aspects of the holiday doesn't mean you need to be totally anti-Valentine's Day...

3. Take it further than your "significant other." Which means EVERYBODY should be able to partake in the holiday, not just those in relationships. Put the focus of love on your kids, your friends, your other family members...spread. the. love.

I had a perfect example of this happen to me first thing this morning. I got a text message from friends of ours - who have only been married a few years and have not yet started their own family. THEY texted US asking if they could babysit our kids for the evening so Les and I could go on a date. They were spreading the love, making this day not about them but about someone else. We already had planned a special dinner at home with the girls, so instead we invited them to join us tonight - but the thought behind their gesture of friendship and generosity was very love-filled and made me feel very blessed.

That's what Valentine's Day should really be about. Don't exclude your significant other by any means, but include other people. Make it about more than gushy romance. Make it about other kinds of love too.

Go ahead...I dare you!


The Brandt Family said...

This is it!
It's not about the cards and flowers and should involved everyone :)
We do not celebrate the commercialism that is Valentine's day in our house, (meaning we do not buy cards, flowers, gifts and we do not go out on Feb 14) but that does not mean that we do not do something special on Feb 14th. We have planned a wonderfully special family dinner that we will enjoy.

Jackie Klassen said...

Good thoughts, Andrea! I love sharing Valentine's Day with our girls! We enjoy exchanging cards, love etc etc.