Friday, March 28, 2014

morning miracle

Sometimes the solution to something is right under your nose - you just have to open your eyes to see it.

I had such a thing happen this week in regards to a parenting situation and I wonder why it took so long for me to find this solution!

Mornings around here are usually pretty rough. It starts off first thing when I wake the girls up. They moan and groan and complain and often the yelling starts before they're even out of bed. It feels like all morning they are dragging their feet and we need to rush, rush, rush.

Finally it dawned on me...they need a "snooze" option. Just like me.

I used to NEVER use my snooze button. I would wake up to my alarm, shut it off and immediately get out of bed. But in the last few years I have discovered the value of the snooze button. I always hit snooze once, and sometimes twice. But those 7 minutes have become very important to me. It gives me a chance to prepare myself mentally for the day before actually having to get up to face it.

So when I made this suggestion to the girls, they were right on board! This was after Monday morning was another rough one, so we've been trying it for the rest of the week. They need new alarm clocks (theirs are really old and the alarm features don't work), but in the meantime I'm waking them up at 7:35am as their "first alarm." I gently wake them up and remind them that they have a few minutes to relax in bed, stretch, and get prepared for the morning. I come back in about 7-10 minutes later (depending what I'm doing in the meantime for getting myself ready for what my day holds) and tell them that now it's time to get up.

And the result?

We have had amazingly smooth mornings all 4 days that we've done it this week! Well, until we get downstairs for breakfast, that is. Then the sibling fighting usually kicks in. BUT - we have at least figured out how to make the actual getting out of bed process an easier feat. They now get out of bed without any grumbling.

The difference in morning attitudes has been amazing and I am so glad that the realization of a "snooze" option finally hit me. I realize that the novelty of this new idea will eventually fade, but I still think that it will always be an improvement over how we were doing things before. Expecting kids to just be up-and-at-'em within seconds of being woken up isn't really realistic. And while I thought I was doing them a favor by letting them sleep as long as possible, it was really back-firing.

So hooray for our new morning miracle!


andrea said...

what a great idea andrea! :)

Jackie Klassen said...

Great idea! Olivia just started using an alarm clock for herself - and this too has made a huge difference! She wakes up way earlier and is happier:)

TammyIsBlessed said...

Great idea! Hmmm, may have to try that. We don't usually have too much fighting in the mornings, but you're right about it being off to expect them to just be up and at 'em first thing.