Friday, May 2, 2014

times have changed

I have been blogging since May of 2007, and last month something happened that hadn't before.

There is a whole month with NO posts of any kind. Well, on this Lifesong blog anyway; I'm still going strong on my Photo-a-Day blog. But here, there are no posts in April of 2014...and that feels sort of strange.

I started wondering why my entries have been getting fewer & farther between, and I realized that it's a result of a few things.

1: Social media. There are so many other ways that we interact online these days - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others [although I am only on Instagram & Facebook myself]. With so many regular small updates going on, it feels like most things have been covered already and I would just be repeating myself.

2: My aforementioned Photo-a-Day blog. This closely ties in with the social media aspect, as again, because I post a photo - and a short blurb - each day, it covers a wide (however abbreviated) update on our lives.

3: The girls are getting older. This has two reasons tied with it. Firstly - so often I would blog about cute things they said or did as they were growing up. Now, with them being 8 and 10 - they don't have as many funny antics to record. And secondly - when there actually might be things I would want to write about, I have to remember that they're not my little girls anymore and that they might not want everything they do or say put online for all to read.

4: Time. Someone please invent a way to put more hours in a day?? [and adding a few more to the night would be just as welcome!] With me having 3 jobs - cleaning houses, Tiny TreeHugger and my handiwork business - there just doesn't seem to be enough time to do everything that I want to do. Oh yeah, and the social media comes into play here again as well, as I have to admit - like most others - that I spend more than enough time frittering away on those sites.

5: Privacy. My girls' privacy isn't the only thing I think about when I'm debating about posting on here. I feel that as the last couple of years have gone by, I'm wanting to be more private about myself too. I have often revealed so much on this blog that I'm surprised by it. Get me in person, and you won't get a lot of personal information outta me, but with this blogging outlet, that has been very different. And I'm not saying that has been a bad thing. It was a necessary thing for me at times. But I feel like I'm in a different place right now and I don't really want to be that stark and honest for all to read.

So where does this leave me? Not sure. And I don't think I need to define it either. I do know that I really enjoy my Photo-a-Day blog a lot. I often scroll through the days and months and it makes me smile. I like having documentation of every single day. And there are still very real & honest glimpses into my life without providing all of the nitty-gritty details.

Maybe some of you have been wondering where I'm at with this blog - and maybe nobody has. But if you have, that's sorta what's been going on. I'll still be around...from time to time. But in between, definitely stop by here to see more of what we're up to!

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TammyIsBlessed said...

I feel the same way! I haven't posted on my "real" blog in a long time. A big reasons for that is how long my Bible blog posts take as well. I'm finally starting to catch up on my photo a day blog - was I ever behind on that!