Thursday, August 21, 2014

a little of this and a little of that

Just for fun, here's a bunch of randomness on the ol' blawg today!

1) I used to never be able to turn my back on lightning. If it would be thunderstorming at night, for example, I would HAVE to face the window. Not sure why. It's not a problem anymore though.

2)  I wear a camisole under almost every shirt that I wear. Sometimes it's for length, sometimes it's to add height to a lower-cleavage shirt, sometimes it's to provide a layer underneath a sheer top, and sometimes it's just because I'm so used to it that I just naturally put it on whether I need it or not!

3) No matter how much I have grown to appreciate and even love hot summers, September will always be my most favorite month (followed closely by May).

4) School supply shopping used to be something I looked forward to with great it's just another chore to get through.

5) I'm tired. Like, really tired. My eyes are barely staying open right now, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. And I even had Pepsi for lunch...why is it that Pepsi only really keeps me awake at night but doesn't really do it's job during the day??

6) I don't like it that cupcake liners are sold in packs of 50...why not 48 so it's divisible by dozens?

7) I like things to be symmetrical, but I'm working on being ok with it if it's not.

8) I used to have to have my alarm set in 5 minute 7:10 or 7:15 for example, but not a "weird" in between number. Now when I'm setting my alarm, if it happens to get to 7:12, I just leave it. For me that's pretty mind-blowing! Look at me...I'm growing!

9) If I was still a teenager, my "celebrity" crush would probably be the actor who plays Gabe on "Good Luck Charlie". Well, okay, and Niall from One Direction.

10) My wardrobe these days tends to consist mainly of black&white...with a bit of grey mixed in for good measure. Okay, and a few colored items too but those are few and far between.

11) Did I mention that I'm really sleepy?

12) I have a love-hate relationship with social media. It can be good for SO many things...but when people put a negative spin on EVERYTHING, or try to force their ideas/opinions down everyone's throats, it gets really annoying.

13) I have a daughter who is on the brink of teenage-hood. Well, she's still 10 but with her 11th birthday only a month away - we're definitely smack dab in the middle of the transition from child to teen.

14) This morning on the drive in to the city, I serenaded my girls by crooning along to Bryan Adams' "Everything I do, I do it for you"...with them cringing in the back seat. I tried to explain to them that one day they'd be singing One Direction songs to their kids and their kids would give them those same strange looks.

15) One day I just need to give up with trying to keep plants alive.

16) In 4 sleeps, I'm going to have a girls night reunion with the crew that gave me the "Andi" nickname.

17) Joelle went to her first youth group event on Wednesday, and I didn't even bat an eye. Is it strange that it seems so easy to me to have my kids grow up? I didn't feel sad or nostalgic about her growing up so fast. I was just excited for her new adventure!I didn't even feel the need to be the one to drop her off or pick her up - she just went with a friend.

18) It annoys me when people can't let go of the fact that yes, I am a bit of a picky eater. And that includes not wanting to eat "weird" meats - like deer, goose, or what have you. Everyone has as line that they draw with what they feel is something they're comfortable eating. If it's okay for someone else to draw the line at squirrel, beaver, horse or dog - why can't I draw MY line where I want it? It doesn't matter if you think I will like it (or even if you think you can get away with tricking me into eating it)...just leave my eating habits & opinions to myself, and you can have yours.

19) I love shopping. Especially when there's a sale AND a coupon combined! Speaking of's time to do just that for the last little bit of back-to-school shopping!


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Kathy said...

Ok, I'm reading this a bit late, but I can hardly handle the cupcakes come in 50. ARG!!! I too love symmetry and I'm tired too. Gosh, if I could only curl up and sleep for a long long while.....

Nataloon said...

I wear a tank under my shirts every day. I have a long torso so they help keep my mid-section covered, especially when bending over :p